We are PT.ASIA CAKRA CERIA PLASTIK established in 1985. We are specialized in HDPE ,LDPE and LLDPE products in many types of bags such as = T-shirt bag, Garbage bag or refuse sacks. We are also producing some plastic sheets in certain sizes and types as well as any available buyer's special requests.

We realized that the Plastic markets are so wide and grows parallel with demands from year two year together with the technology findings and the market need of uses. That is the reasons that since 1995 we start to product many kind of PE raincoat such as disposable PE Raincoat or PE Ponchos.

Employing more than 1000 skilled worker and about 50 professional staffs, we proudly offer the best quality management control and service by our team. We have very good experience in custom ordering our products can be processed and manufactured strictly according to customer's samples. The most efficient costing many case help us to competition the market price in order to meet the buyer request “the best quality product in the most competitive price”

Concerning the Green Would Efforts, we bravely emphasize that our products are able to recycle and very friendly with environment as to support the efforts.

We will highly appreciate if you could make further contacts to see what we can do for you in order to support your business with the better benefits than what you have now.


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